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Bilder av Shakira/Photos of Shakira

Bilder av Adore/Photos of Adore

Welcome to Dream Believers colourpoints!

My name is Ann-Renée Degnes and I live in Oslo. My mum (Jorunn Vik) got her first Colourpoint in 1977 when I was 4-5 years old, and during my childhood we had several Colourpoints.

My first Colourpoint was the granddaugther of my mum's first cat called Nova. She was named Justine (or Jusi) after the movie "The Thorn Birds". She just disappeared one day during our holiday in northern Norway and we never got to know what happened to her. She had a kitten called Shan witch was only 4-5 months old, so it is not likely that she disappeared willingly.

Shan became my mum's cat and lived a relaxed and happy life at Ørje. He became 13 years old. I myself travelled abroad for studies and work.

One day in May 1999 the beautiful Traviata came into my life. She was a Blue tortie tabby from the cattery Maomar, Arnhild Markussen. She was a stabborn, but also cuddly heartbreaker. Traviata unfortunately died of kidney failure in January 2009 - 10 days before her 10th birthday.

In November 2008 I bought Day Dream Believer - Daisy. She was from the cattery Supergranny, Bjørg Vik. A brown tabby beauty. She unfortunately died only 7 months old. Extremely sad!!

Now I have two cats: Shakira and her daugther Adore.

Shakira og meg

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