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Her kan du se tidligere resultater for Shakira og Adore på utstillinger.

Shakira and Adore at cat shows cat shows




Bilder av Shakira/Photos of Shakira

Bilder av Adore/Photos of Adore

Colourpoints Perser - Himalayan cats

The Colourpoint arised when somebody decided to mix the perser with a simamees. They wanted to get the best from to breeds as for example the blue eyes and the special colour of fur of the siamees, and the good and calm disposition and the long and beautiful fur from the perser. The Colourpoint was approved as a our breed in 1957 and was then called Himalayans.

The breed har developed and changed during the years. From for example to have a bigger nose earlier to now having the typical smooth perser nose. You can clearly se that at the photos in "mermories".

FIFe's EMS-codes

EMS - Easy Mind System. The EMS simplifies and replaces the combination of letters and numbers used to identify cats. The first part of the EMS code, written in capital (uppercase) letters, denotes the breed.

A persian has the short name PER

Coat colors of the color point can be as follows:

The most common patterns found on colourpoints are:

A colourpoint needs to have blue eyes.

Source for EMS-kodes: NRR and FIFE
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