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Her kan du følge Shakira og Adore på utstillinger.

Follow Shakira and Adore at cat shows here




Bilder av Shakira/Photos of Shakira

Bilder av Adore/Photos of Adore

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Memories of my previous cats

S*Zsa Zsa's Zoella


PER f - black tortie. Born 16th of May 2017. Dead 7th of June 2018.

Dad: S*Zsa Zsa's Poprocks. Mother: S*Zsa Zsa's Love Ain't Easy.

Pedigree of Zoella

Supergranny Day Dream Believer - Daisy


Supergranny Day Dream Believer - Daisy. PER n 21 33. Born 16.07.08. Dead 15.02.09.

Far GIC DK*Keystone's Market Place, PER n 21 33. Mor S*Mariposa's Forbidden Love, PER g 21 33.

Pedrigree of Daisy

Super lovely and charming little kitten. It is extremely sadly when a kitten die only 7 months old.

More photos of Daisy

Traviata M of Maomar - Traviata


Traviata M og Maomar (N) - Traviata. PER g 21 33. Born 25.01.99. Dead 15.01.09.

Far GIC Nino F of Maomar (N), PER a 33. Mor (N) Doricha's Melody Harmony, PER f 21 33.

Pedigree of Traviata

My dearest ever. She was a cat with lots of personality, and she owned huge respect from both dogs and other cats. She enjoyed the citylife (used to "live" at the balcony in the summertime), but also enjoyed beeing a outdoor cat at my mums place and a at the cottage in the North of Norway.

Traviata had one litter. Faranah of Maomar og Florence of Maomar, view photos here

More photos of Traviata

Justine - Jusi


Justine - Jusi. PER n 33. Born in 1983. Gone in 1992.

Jusi is the grand dauther after Nova, my mum's first colourpoint.

She had one litter - Shan, view photos below.

Memories of my mum's previous cats



Shan of Timberland (my mum's cattery). PER n 33. Born in 1992. Dead in 2005.

Mother Jusi of Timberland. Father Brando. Brando was a creme male my mum had for a year.



Mickey, PER n 33.

Lived with us for a while before he move to my grand parents.



Aimee of Timberland, PER a 33. Mother Nova. Father Felix.

My mum's heartbreaker. She was supposed to be my first cat, but she did not want any other owner than my mum.



Fleix, PER a 33.



Nova, PER a 33

Nova was a couple of years when my mum got her in 1977. The owner was a ambassador whom got shut in Africa. When we got Nova she was shaved and covered with sore on her back. She got healed and after a while she actually won her class in a show.

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